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“We won! We Won! Our bid won!


  • With Homeboss the standard 5%-6% listing is a thing of the past because unlike a ‘traditional listing’ where the seller is ‘forced’ to pay the buyer’s agent, with Homeboss you pay only your side of the commission! That means MORE money in your pocket at closing!

  • You enjoy FULL broker representation from Homeboss Certified Agents.

  • 14 Day listing contract. Why get tied up in a 3-6 month listing agreement with other agents?

  • Multiple offers guaranteed within 11 days! 

  • AI-Driven Technology, the structure of the process, and your Homeboss Certified Agent will bring you multiple offers within 11 days guaranteed!

Technology has forever opened the door to a “Far Better Way to Sell Your Home“. Think Uber, Netflix, AirBNB, eBay, Alibaba… these are all digital platform companies that are disrupting traditional industries.

And now eXp and Homeboss are disrupting the real estate industry with the way homes are sold.

Covid proved to us all that technology is no longer a luxury and it opened the door to the absolute most lucrative way to sell your house in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle… through online bidding that you watch in real time in the convenience of your home!

The number “ONE” reason the world’s finest art, classic cars, yachts and antiquities are sold by allowing buyers to bid openly and transparently for them is because… that’s how you get the highest price possible!… so, why not your house?

What if you knew absolutely for certain that by you using our proprietary Homeboss Online Offer Platform these 6 things would happen:

    1. You pay Zero buyer agent commission and keep more of your equity… here’s how it works.
      ➣ You pay your side of the commission.
      ➣ The buyer pays their side of the commission.
      Yes, it really is that simple… I never understood why in a traditional sale the seller is coerced (forced) to pay the buyer’s agent… isn’t the buyer agent’s job to negotiate the best price and terms for the buyer? That never made sense to me.

    2. Tired of agents showing up at inconvenient times disturbing your peace and privacy?… with Homeboss there are no random showingsInstead, only pre-qualified (agent accompanied) buyers are allowed in your home on one or two weekends (that you choose)… you (or your tenant) experience minimum inconvenience! Buyer attendance at our open houses is  routinely is 150 to 300 (or more) assuring you the most competition for your house!

      More Buyers = More Offers = Higher Price
    3. Worried about leaving money on the table? With a ‘traditional’ sale, there is no way to know if you left money on the table. Fortunately, technology opened the door to the solution. When your home is sold using the Homeboss Online Bidding Platform (think of it as the real estate version of eBay) you know for certain that you got the absolute highest price the market was willing to pay because…

      When Buyers Compete… Sellers Win!

      This COMPETITIVE bidding platform with its HARD DEADLINE creates FOMO (fear of missing out) and give buyers extra motivation to offer higher than they would in the ‘traditional’ scenario assuring you receive significantly more money at closing than you could get any other way… PERIOD! When it ends, you simply choose the best offer! No more guessing whether to accept an offer or not!

    4. You have No Downside! Unlike the ‘traditional’ sale where you must accept a full price offer, you do not need to accept any online offer!

      You always have the right to Accept, Reject or Negotiate any online offer!
    5. Pressed for Time? Your house will sell in 14 days GUARANTEED… or we will pay you $500 at closing!
    6. And best of all, the listing agreement is only 14 days… no long-term contracts!
I know that’s a big promise… but if you knew all of the above was true… why would you want to sell your home any other way?… I mean be honest.
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