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Sell-by-Owner Listing Toolkit Overview

Welcome to TC Bland Homes, where we utilize iList technology to offer a FREE” Listing Platform and user-friendly tools to make listing and selling a home on your own a breeze.

Our free platform includes an interactive home valuation feature that lets you compare your home’s value to other listings and make adjustments based on your home’s unique features and location. Once your value is set, you’ll have access to a personalized dashboard that puts everything you need at your fingertips.

With your custom marketing pages you can attract potential buyers with ease. You can also manage showings and respond to offers directly from your platform streamlining the entire selling process.

We believe that selling your home should be stress-free and simple, and iList Homes is here to help you achieve that.

And if you ever need help or get discouraged, our dedicated agents are only a click away.

We hope you enjoy your platform and wish you the best of luck in selling your home.

Dashboard and Tools Explained

Dashboard & Toolkit Explained

Welcome to your free selling your home by owner platform, where you can list, market, receive, compare, counter, accept or reject offers, and close your house all in one place.

We’d love to have you onboard and believe that our platform will provide you with everything you need to sell your home.

When you first log into your console, you’ll see your property and its status. If your status is available, you’ll have access to update your details, manage showings, your marketing links, documents, photos, and more.

Remember, if you ever want to upgrade, simply click upgrade, and we’ll do it for you at our 1% or 2.5% listing. Your choice.

Your dashboard includes custom marketing pages built for your specific house. These pages are designed to attract potential buyers, and you can easily share them on marketing sites like Facebook and other social media platforms. When buyers or agents click on your links, they’ll see your photos, description, and more. They can then make an offer or schedule a showing with the click of a button.

Managing showings is made easy on our platform. You pick the date and time windows for when you want buyers and agents to schedule showings. When a showing request is made, you’ll be immediately notified as a seller, and you can manage all your showings in your dashboard. You can view showing requests, read the details and notes, and approve or deny them. You can even send a message to the person requesting to show your property.

Managing offers is also simple on our platform. When someone wants to make an offer on your property, they can simply click “make an offer” and enter their terms. You’ll be notified in real-time of any offers and can view all the details in your dashboard. You can accept, reject, or counter offers directly from your dashboard, and all of your offers will be tracked in one place.

When you accept an offer, the status of your property will change to “pending contract,” and you’ll see the closing activities that you need to do to ensure a successful and smooth closing. We track all the key dates for you based on the specific offer that you accepted. It’s very easy for you to manage all of these key dates in your dashboard.

Check out our detailed videos on how to use your marketing links, set up showings, manage offers, and more. We hope you enjoy your platform and wish you the best of luck in selling your home.

Pre-market to Available Explained

Welcome to your free home selling platform for selling by owner! You are going to love it here. We provide you with all the necessary tools to list, market, manage offers, and showings in one convenient place. Let’s get started with the first step – taking your property from property review to available status.

When you log in as a seller, you will see a pop-up that informs you that your property is almost live. This notification gives you a heads up on the features that you will have access to. You can either hit continue or close it out, and your property will be in pre-market status. This is a holding status, which means we will wait until you’re ready for it to be available for offers and showings. Once you’re ready, simply click “ready to go live.”

Once you hit “ready to go live,” you will be informed of the features you’re about to have access to in your dashboard, including marketing links, showing services, offer portals, and contract-to-close services, all of which are included free in your platform. However, we also want to point out that if at any time you want to be represented and guided by an agent and have your home in the MLS, you can do so without leaving the platform by clicking “list for one percent”.

When you’re ready to go live, hit “go live”, and you’ll receive a congratulations page. Your property status will move from pre-market to available, and you will have access to several other features, including updating your details, managing your showings, accessing your custom marketing links, documents, and managing your photos. Keep in mind that if you need help, you  have the option to upgrade to an agent at any given time. Please check out our other videos on custom marketing links, managing showings, and how to work and receive offers.

Marketing Links & Showing Alerts Explained

In this video we demonstrate one of our most popular features – marketing links. These links provide access to service offer management and custom pages, allowing you to market your property to potential buyers. Once your property status is available, you can access your details, showings, marketing views, documents, photos, and even upgrade to one percent on the MLS. However, the focus here is on the marketing links. Clicking on the link opens a custom page for your property. You can copy the link from your browser and use it on social media, share it with neighborhood groups, or even text it to potential buyers. If you have an open house, make sure they have access to this link. This link is what will help you manage your showing requests and offers all in your dashboard quickly and easily.

Now, let’s discuss what this marketing link is. It is a custom page for your property with photos and descriptions that give consumers the ability to type in questions that go directly to your email, allowing you to engage with them. Potential buyers and agents can make offers on your property and schedule and request showings.

To use this link for social media, simply paste it onto your social media page, and it will display an image of your property with a description and a button to access the custom page.

When someone wants to see your property, don’t try to manage it through email or sticky notes. Instead, send them to your marketing page and tell them to click on “request a tour”. Once they enter their information, you will receive a text and an email requesting a showing, and you can approve or deny it right in your dashboard.

All your showing requests will be in one place, making it easy to manage them. After the showing request is complete, the system will even request feedback on what the potential buyer thought of your property, all in your seller dashboard.

To recap, the marketing link is an excellent tool for advertising and marketing your property, but more importantly, it is an awesome tool for managing your showings. If you have any questions, please let us know. We hope you enjoy this feature!

Offer Alerts & Contract to Sale Steps Explained

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